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Clean Machine Learning Training

Applying clean code and SOLID principles to your ML projects is crucial, and is so often overlooked. Successful artificial intelligence projects require good programmers to work in pair with the mathematicians.

Ugly research code simply won’t do it. You need to do Clean Machine Learning at the moment you begin your project.

Despite all the hype being about the deep learning algorithms, we decided at Neuraxio to do a training about Clean Machine Learning, because it is was we feel the industry really needs.

Clean code is excessively hard to achieve in a codebase that is already dirty, action truly must be taken at the beginning of the project. It must not be postponed.

We’re glad to have organized this event at Le Camp in March just before the COVID-19 outbreak. It was a fantastic event.

Thanks to participants from Thales, Shutterstock, Novatize, Artifici,, La Cité, LP, IA groupe financier, LGS - An IBM Company, Ville de Québec, STICKÔBOT INC., and Levio.

And also big thanks to the other event organizers including William Simetin Grenon, Francis B. Lemay, Maxime Bouchard Roy and Alexandre Brillant, as well as the other speakers outside of Neuraxio: Jérôme Bédard from Umaneo, and Vincent Bergeron from ROBIC.

It was fun, thank you all!

  • Guillaume Chevalier, Founder & Machine Learning Expert @ Neuraxio

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