Structuring a B2B AI Deal

We are the AI startup backing the other AI startups.

When it comes to process sensor data and transaction history data with deep learning (Time Series Processing). We also do Natural Language Processing.



Products, Services, and SaaS.

Products: We reuse parts of our products' code across various projects, which gives us speed in building more and more projects. We sometimes refer to those products as "Non-Exclusive Services" and "Open-Source Services". 

Services: We generally structure our deals so that there is a consulting part to them, which we call "Exclusive Services". When we do such Exclusive Services, we also include a Non-Exclusive Services part in the contract to reuse our products within the Exclusive Services to give you speed.* 

Software as a Service (SaaS): We are also amidst commercializing our first SaaS product. We aim at building several products until we find the good one. The way we proceed for partnerships and distribution varies, contact us (ceo@neuraxio.com).

*The main difference between the two types of services is that for the Exclusive Services you pay more but keep the Intellectual Property (IP) as your own, and for the Non-Exclusive you pay less and we're allowed to reuse our past IP in your project, as well to reuse improvements of this IP in our future projects. This flexibility gives us speed. Contact us to structure a deal with us and get your project moving. For SaaS, IP is not licensed to users, and rather, an access to our predictions is sold. 

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As an innovator, you want to start and approach your project with the good angle to have everything set up properly for delivering it later. Add your own employees to your project once it's started in the good direction using our strong and varied expertise in Machine Learning. 

Did you know that 87% of data science projects never make it into production? Let us help you see clear and have a plan with concrete steps to avoid dead-ends and do things correctly. 

We can coach you on how to best accomplish your project with Deep Learning. Start right on track. 

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