IMPORTANT NOTICE: Neuraxio Inc. is not providing information technology services anymore and has been closed.

Structuring a B2B AI Deal

We are the AI startup backing the other AI startups
when it comes to processing sensor data, transaction history data, or text data with deep learning.


Products & Services: 

TLDR; In the end, you will have source code that you will host in your own cloud for commercial use. Some of it is licensed to you at a reduced price (Non-Exclusive Services) as it is pre-existing, some of it is new and only yours (Exclusive Services).

Non-Exclusive Services (Neuraxio's Products): We reuse parts of our existing products' code across various projects, which gives us speed in building more and more projects. This is Background Intellectual Property (Background IP) that we've developped, such as open-source frameworks and other codes that are not open-source. Shortly put: this code isn't yours but you have permission to use it. 

Exclusive Services (Neuraxio's Consulting): We generally structure our deals so that there is a consulting or integration part to them. When we do such Exclusive Services, we also often (but not always) include a Non-Exclusive Services part in the contract to reuse our products within the Exclusive Services to give you speed. 

It's simpler than it seems. Contact us to structure a deal with us and get your project moving. 


Request our help

As an innovator, you want to start and approach your project with the good angle to have everything set up properly for delivering it later. Add your own employees to your project once it's started in the good direction using our strong and varied expertise in Machine Learning. 

Did you know that 87% of data science projects never make it into production? Let us help you see clear and have a plan with concrete steps to avoid dead-ends and do things correctly. 

We can coach you on how to best accomplish your project with Deep Learning and Machine Learning. Start right on track. 


Our Typical Contract

Will contain regular paragraphs that properly covers: 

  • Confidentiality 
  • Responsibilities 
  • Non-Sollicitation 
  • Software License for our product 
  • Intellectual Property transfer of the code arising out of the Exclusive Services 
  • Other general conditions 


Note: No Non-Competition Agreements

Note: we WILL NOT sign any Non-Competition agreements, since we have many clients in Artificial Intelligence. This would be professional suicide.

Be reassured that you project and business will still be protected by:

  • Copyright on the source code arising from the Exclusive Services,
  • Non-Sollicitation,
  • Confidentiality,
  • and other terms in the contract, such as a limited warranty. 


Note: Your Data Stays Yours

Also, your data stays yours, and you provide it to us only for the purpose of solving your problems and in your best interest. We never share your data and your copyrighted materials to anyone outside of the purposes of the contract. Confidentiality is king. 


Note: Limited Warranties 

Quick question: would you ask your Python programmers to give you a warranty on everything they code? Think of Neuraxio as a pool of highly qualified programmers for you. Don't ask too much of us - we are not an insurance company, and let us develop software confidently in a safe space to get the best results. 

Neuraxio, as a software company backing many AI startups, cannot afford to offer extended warranties on the software to every startup it helps just because Neuraxio started the project. Software craftmanship is an ever ongoing process. Don't put the entire pressure on the programmer who started the project just because he started it. Maintenance is a thing and can be delegated to intermediate-level programmers that you will hire afterwards. 

Since we start projects for many startups, we do not offer unreasonnably long warranties on our software on every project. In the case that your startup is highly successful and that your team is growing big (that happens to 1 startup out of 10), it is your company's responsibility to be insured, to do your updates on your dependencies, and to continue to ensure software quality and ongoing legal compliance. 

As a starter of many projects for its many clients, unfortunately, Neuraxio is asked too often to take responsibility for the whole future of the projects that it starts. We will decline as this request is perceived as unrealistic for us. It's not because we start a project that we are meant to insure it for life. Software is ever-evolving. To keep your business running, you will most likely need to hire your own programmers soon. Starting the project is what Neuraxio do best, and will save you a lot of time. 

The purpose of Neuraxio is not to act like an insurance company for your whole startup and for the whole future of your AI project. Our purpose is to get you results as fast as possible in a safe space while using white-hat machine learning techniques and proper software licenses that should work well for commercialisation and without any major problems. Once the job is done, we will want to remove our own access to your data to make your project more secure. 

Moreover, as we are highly skilled and specialized in AI projects, we are already aware of lots of regulations and laws that we respect. Still, there is a fog and uncertainties in business that can never be 100% controlled. We believe that since we got a lot of experience in building various AI projects, that we will do a good job in avoiding problems and in coding your solution properly and by respecting regulations and the law. Just don't ask too much of us as we are the ones serving many startups and that we don't want to be exposed to more risk than we should by granting big warranties to every of our clients' projects. 

We hope the few paragraphs above convinced you to be realistic regarding software warranty. We are here to help you do the right choices in the technological and algorithmic dimension of your business. 

As a summary of limited warranties offered by Neuraxio: 

  • Do: Use our services to get the best out of our programming skills. You will appreciate (or be amazed by) our sharpness of mind and the technological solutions that we will build for you to start with. 
  • Do not: Use our services like an insurance on your project's future and asking more from us that you'd ask your regular team of programmers. Go see an insurance company and professionnals for this stuff. 


Note: No NDAs before our Service Contract

Neuraxio is glad to officialise the act of working together. Instead of signing your NDA, Neuraxio prefers that you sign its services contract which covers confidentiality and which is quite strict: the scope should satisfy you and your team. 

From our experience, Clients who requires us to sign an NDA are not serious in wanting to use our services. Our best clients have signed our service contract from the very start and this is how we proceed now on.

We can adjust our services contract to your needs by including a first portion of free hours at the beginning of the contract to let you decide before really using our full services. This is like a trial version covered by confidentiality, but with the proper contractual arrangements already in place to start the services if/when needed. 


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