IMPORTANT NOTICE: Neuraxio Inc. is not providing information technology services anymore and has been closed.

Neuraxio's Time Series Product and Services

Forecast what will happen in your sequential/historical data using our highly researched and unique deep learning technology.


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We have participated in more than 57 machine learning projects, and we know what we do when it comes to choosing the good algorithm for your task, coding it, and delivering solutions of quality and tailored to your needs.


What can we do? 

Here are a few use-case examples, segmented by industry or theme: 

  • Sports and physical activity (from video data or sensor data):
    • Label the physical activity being performed, or mode of transport
    • Detect anomalies in real trajectories compared to expected trajectories
    • Detect anomalies in behavior compared to the normal activities of others in a group
    • Delimit the beginning and end of a specific activity or motion
    • Count and delimit repetitions of certain activities
  • Mining, machinery, and Industry 4.0 (from sensor data):
    • Detect possible anomalies in objects, in advance before they reach the end of your production chain
    • Explain why would there be an anomaly, therefore suggesting what parameters could be changed in your machine and how to have normal or better results
    • Predict the trajectory or state of various items or animated bodies with sensors attached on them
    • Estimate if there is a violation of a physical door lock due to anormal tampering of the device by detecting changes in accelerometer data
  • Event data (from financial data, or repeated event data):
    • Predict what will happend: probabilities of certain events happening for each user, or predict users' decision
    • Predict not only what, but when users will buy
    • Predict not only what or when, but also suggest different products to optimize churn rate of your users


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