IMPORTANT NOTICE: Neuraxio Inc. is not providing information technology services anymore and has been closed.

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B2B AI Services

Use our consulting services and our source code licenses (products) to make your machine learning or deep learning project(s) a success.

Our secret sauce includes
Natural Language Processing and 
Time Series Processing algorithms.

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Free Open-Source ML Framework

Neuraxle by Neuraxio enables automatic hyperparameter tuning in your production ML projects. Software architecture at its finest.

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Boost your project using our consulting services. We may also propose a contract including licensing of our existing solutions.

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Event Forecasting Solution

From histories of events (time series), predict what will happen, and when. Do predictive maintenance. Financial forecasts. Sales recommendations. And more.

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Machine Learning Technical Trainings

Buy our specialized trainings online or organize one in your business to train your employees.
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Some of our Time Series Processing Clients

Some of our Natural Language Processing Clients

Did you know that most data science projects never get to production?

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We've failed, and succeeded, again and again. R&D is hard. With us, you have better chances to achieve what you want to do.


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Steps to make your startup's AI project a success

Supercharge your R&D

In addition to having a good sales team and business use-case, you can save up to 80% or more on your programmers' salaries with the right subsidies.

We've been in business since 2018, and Guillaume Chevalier has collaborated to or participated to more than 57 AI projects. Let our one-man-army help you build your army.

Use the right algorithms and methodology

We plan your project using the right AI techniques, methodology, and code architecture based on your use case, saving you MONTHS of banging your research interns' heads against brick walls - please read our reviews.

Most AI programmers have less than 2 years of experience. With Neuraxio, you'll pull your team ahead of the game and on the right foot.

Create a competitive AI culture in your organization

We coach your Python programmers with the best practices of Machine Learning projects, unit testing and Clean Code.

Keep your team working in the right direction with our ongoing code review services as new employees join your successful startup once we've put you on the right track and that you don't want to pay our bills anymore.

We'll show your team the way

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About the founder

In May 2018, Guillaume Chevalier founded Neuraxio Inc.

Guillaume has participated in more than 100 numerical projects, and at least 57 of these projects are Artificial Intelligence projects.

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We've seen a lot of machine learning projects. Get unique insight.

Neuraxio has been of great help to our business, understanding our problems quickly and providing solutions that went above and beyond our expectations. In just a few meetings at the beginning, they already saved us months of research. Their clean code approach and deep data science expertise sets them apart from the other firms and enabled us to collaborate with confidence, I highly recommend.

Antoine Tremblay @ ShutterStock: Principal Software Engineer / AI Engineering


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