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What is Neuraxio?

Machine Learning Experts

Let's add intelligence to your products and services by using our unique technology, solutions, and skills. Take action on your data and stay competitive by propelling your business forward.

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A Toolbox

Our firm has many tools in its box, and we build our own tools. One of them is Neuraxle: a clean Machine Learning (ML) library enabling research, development, and deployment of your ML applications.

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Transaction-Based Forecasting Solutions

Our specialized algorithms can predict consumer behavior and actions in the future in a personalized fashion, based on transaction histories, item catalogues with textual descriptions, and more, with our secret sauce including Natural Language Processing & Time Series Processing algorithms.

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We Enable AI for Tech Businesses.

Neuraxio is helping companies every day to apply artificial intelligence to their data.

There are many applications of the solutions developed at Neuraxio. Whether for the field of finance, e-commerce, logistics operations management, software, information processing, or inventory & stocks management, our algorithms can be integrated in companies from different sectors.

The adaptability and high reusability of Neuraxio's algorithms is a clear force, backed on a solid clean code and software quality culture mixed into our specialized machine learning algorithms for deployments in the cloud or on-premise.

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