Sales Forecasting Product to Trigger Marketing Actions

Maximize your customer’s potential 

Ever wanted to notify consumers at the right moment, with the right product to optimize your store? With the right recommendations, you can make sure to keep your customers in the loop. Once optimized, recurring purchases will make your clients more valuable.


With our solution, you can predict WHO will buy WHAT and WHEN to optimize stores and automatically send personalized communications. 

We know that designing newsletters and recommending personalized deals for you customers can be time consuming

GOOD NEWS ! it can be automated.


Our algorithm can predict WHAT and WHEN each of your consumers will buy using the simplest and most telling data at your disposition. Our solution will be your best ally in making your projects a reality. 

All we need is the past transaction history for your product catalogue and similar user's histories. 

Providing the description of each product in the transaction history and in the product catalogue will help the algorithm using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, in combination with our advanced time series forecasting solutions that processes the ordered transactions.

We can predict :

  • WHO : The predictions are available on a per-consumer basis.
  • WHAT : See the probability that the consumer will buy the product, for each product
  • WHEN : If the consumer was to buy a product, see in how much time he would likely buy it. 



The predictions, once gathered, can be analyzed from a product or a consumer standpoint. Using thresholds, you can take action and choose which triggers will send communications. 

Triggers can be used to launch actions before the predicted consumption time, for each of your consumers. For instance, emailing a newsletter at the right time containing the right product listed in it can be done.

Imagine: the trigger, connected to the right automation pipeline, can also offer coupon deals that will end after a certain period of time, using a series of emails within the predicted time window to increase sales. 

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