Neuraxio's Time Series Solution.

The goal:

classify or forecast your time series using simply the simplest and most automated way to achieve top performances.


Depending on the amount of data you have, the best model to use may change. If the amount of data you have comes to change, it could mean you need to do many solutions. Automatic Machine Learning and Ensemble methods can be useful in this case to automatically combine the forces of different algorithms to get optimal predictions.

For any machine learning project, the process of choosing the right algorithm is laborious and costly. Not only the best model can vary a lot according to your situation and quantity of data, but also it can take many months of development, and you need the key human resources to be able to convey the project to success. This challenge is even harder, as time series are a subject that is almost not to not taught in artificial intelligence classes. This topic is extremely niche.

Hopefully, the Neuraxio Time Series solution is here to solve this for you automatically. Not only the process of building and fitting many different algorithms to fit your data is automated, but also serving this model in the cloud via a few lines of code is possible as follow:

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