Guillaume Chevalier

Deep Learning Consultant
Guillaume Chevalier, 23 years old, has developed his expertise with technologies during the past 8 years - he especially worked in more than 10 different companies to do research and/or development and also frequented 4 different education establishments in this time frame, in Canada and in Sweden. With more than a hundred numerical projects realized, he will know how to respond to your particular needs and provide you guidance, advice, talks, or training. Creative, he can help you brainstorm on your project. Focused, he codes with fervor, which enables him to be on the podiums of many programming competitions, such as the CCC of Waterloo, the Coveo Blitz, the CS Games, and more. Informed, he knows the best practices, the trends and the different software available for you to use, he will know how to walk through your libraries choices, and your technological and strategical decision process. With care and professionalism, he knows how to produce clean code and maintainable software. On top of everything, he specializes in Deep Learning since 4 years as an early adopter. Guillaume has the passion to act and to create.



Time Series Processing

We excel in processing sequential data, whether it be signals from accelerometers, gyroscopes, financial data, trends, or any other type of signal progressing through time or space.


Natural Language Processing

We can deliver sentiment analysis for your business, text classification, language modeling, automatic translation, speech to text, and more.


Computer Vision

Whether it is to identify objects in pictures or else to compress your images into simplified representations or embeddings to enable their analysis by other algorithms, you can profit from our staff's experience.

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